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Building a community that is inclusive requires many hands and hearts to get involved. 

Here are some things you can do to help:

• Donate to the organization: Your cash assistance, no matter the size, creates a direct impact on our efforts. If you support homebuyer education and counseling, give to our “General Fund” so that families can get mortgage-ready and set up for success. While we’re building homes, we still need to pay staff and keep the lights on, so administrative support is always welcome.

Donate to construction: If you’d rather your donation go directly to building affordable homes, then the Bricks & Mortar Campaign allows for your donation to be set aside exclusively for that purpose, building community equity in our homes.

Invest in the Impact Investment Fund: You money can work as an investment in the future by allowing us to secure land for future development, and give you a modest return.

• Donate land, homes, materials and services: If you have land or an existing home, you can donate it to the CHT or sell it to us at a reduced price and realize tax benefits. If you have items or services that would help us fundraise, we can use these as auction items. 

• Spread the word: Let people know about us and our Commitment to Community. We are always looking for potential homebuyers, partners, supporters, and investors. As part of our network, your word of mouth communication is critical.

Support policy and legislation: Local housing policy, building codes, and funding priorities have a huge impact on our ability to build affordable homes. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on housing policy.

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