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Homeowner Stories

 We are proud of our amazing community of Homeowners. Here are just some of the people that we have helped achieved their dream of homeownership. Read more about some of our amazing homeowners and learn about their experience working with Chaffee Housing Trust 

Alex Restrepo

Alex Restrepo is not only one of our  homeowners, but also a board member for Chaffee Housing Trust.  Our board includes at least 3 seats out of 9 specifically reserved for homeowners in order to make sure our projects and organizational direction reflect the wishes of our community. 

Alex Restrepo.jpeg

Shane Basford

Shane Basford is the Recreation Program Coordinator for the town of Buena Vista. His mission right now is try to make sure the community has the opportunity to “stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe”  .

Shane Basford.jpg

Robert Weisbrod

Robert is one of our residents who makes up the Two Rivers community in Salida. When he is not busy working in the emergency room at the local hospital, you can find him leading the charge of getting the community garden up and running.


Ally Kennedy

Ally is one of our amazing homeowners. She is a third-grade teacher at Avery Parsons Elementary school in Buena Vista and has been in love with the Ark Valley all her life.

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