The Chaffee Housing Trust is a local nonprofit created to develop homeownership and rental opportunities affordable for lower-income workers and residents who cannot afford market-rate housing.

We build homes using the Community Land Trust model which preserves affordability in perpetuity. Grants and donations invested in each home stays with that home as a community asset. Each home stays affordable for future generations without the need for additional subsidy. Homeowners build limited equity in their home, setting them up to move to a market-rate home when the time comes, or they can pass the home on to their heirs. The next buyer then purchases the home at a price that will be affordable to them. The Chaffee Housing Trust acts as steward to ensure that both the homeowner and the community benefit, now and in the future.


Providing responsible community development by providing affordable and sustainable homeownership and rentals to qualifying residents


All Chaffee County residents and workers can choose to live in homes they own and work in the community with the full benefits and responsibilities of participation in the social, economic, and political fabric


When full equity in homeownership can't be realized for low and moderate-income households, shared equity should be attainable in an affordable and sustainable manner, providing additional rungs at the bottom end of the ladder to the American dream. 


You can be part of the solution!

With your donation, we can help build homes for individuals and families priced out of the housing market.

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