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Alex Restrepo's Story

Her journey to home ownership started six years ago when she moved to Salida after growing up in Colombia. She visited her cousin who was living in Salida and after seeing a glimpse of what life was like here, feel in love with the community.  She started looking for her own place but ran into a feeling of hopelessness. People kept saying to her “Good luck finding a place in Chaffee County. It’s so expensive!”  They even joked that the S in Salida really stands for the number five because that’s the amount of jobs you need to have in order to live here. At the time she thought she would not have a chance for homeownership. Alex remembers thinking “I’m young, I don’t have credit. I’m just starting life so they’re not going to trust me if I want to get into a mortgage”. 

Many of her friends and people she worked with had not heard about Chaffee Housing Trust or thought they couldn’t be eligible. Alex wants to make sure young people know that they do not have to have kids, perfect credit, or be forced to move away from the place they love in order to purchase a home. Alex loved that she was able to tell all of the locals at her different jobs that with their support, she was able to work hard and buy her home. She said it keeps people's faith in the community and that it was really cool to show people that their support really paid off.  Alex loves the stability she gets from homeownership. She feels more in control and a lot less stressed. 

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