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Robert Weisbrod's Story

With more than ten years of experience and a deep love of gardening, it is no wonder that the neighborhood has enjoyed quite a bountiful harvest this year. When asked about the origins of the project, he said gardening has always been a part of his life and it was actually one of the deciding factors when choosing to move into Two Rivers. He figured because of the scale of the community, He could come together with his neighbors and the HOA to start the community gardens.


Creating green space, like the community garden, is critical to community wellbeing. The garden does not only provide a source of  delicious produce, but it also can help people save money and build relationships with their neighbors. It’s not surprising to see that Robert has an incredibly good sense of planting seeds for the future outside of the garden as well. Robert worked with Chaffee Housing Trust for over two years to make sure he was homebuyer ready. This involved working with staff to make sure he was getting all of the loans and grants he was eligible for, so he could be successful once he moved in.


When asked about what has changed since moving into his home, Robert said he really values the constancy. He knows how much his monthly payments are and he is glad that even in this unstable time he won’t be surprised by seeing a sudden increase in rent due to forces outside his control. It’s clear that Robert understands the long-term commitment that comes with being a homeowner and is excited to watch both the garden and the community grow in the years to come. Here at Chaffee Housing Trust, we are very thankful for all the great work Robert has done in getting the garden started and are looking forward to enjoying some tasty meals at next year’s harvest.

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