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Ally Kennedy

Ally is one of our amazing homeowners. She is a third-grade teacher at Avery Parsons Elementary school in Buena Vista and has been in love with the Ark Valley all her life. After completing her Master's degree, she knew she wanted to come back to the area. Ally radiates a love of teaching, just spend a bit of time in her classroom and you'll see just how much energy and care she gives to create a supportive environment for her students. 

Ally's Story

Ally was thrilled when she was hired to teach in Buena Vista. She quickly felt connected with the school's community of students and teachers. However, like many educators in Chaffee County, she was sadly worried that she would not be able to stay due to the lack of affordable housing in town. 



With the help of the Chaffee Housing Trust (CHT), Ally bought a home in The Farm in Buena Vista and keep on enjoying the community she loves. Ally says that she feels at home here now and that she’s looking forward to many "BV Strong" town dinners as well as completing her goal of hiking all the 14’ers.
When asked about her experience working with staff, Ally said, “It felt very personal. It felt like they really understood where I am coming from. Being in Chaffee County, [the CHT] understands the community value behind it all…it really felt like [they] were working with me to make my dreams come true." 


Providing homeownership opportunities to young professionals starting their careers is a win-win for the community. Teachers like Ally can have housing security and the ability to start building financial equity. Students and parents can count on teachers staying year after year. And the community gets a permanently affordable home to add to the growing stock of CHT homes.